In the Beginning was the Word

H. Les Brown is a man of many talents who has worn many hats in his lifetime. He boasts MAs in both philosophy and theology and years of service in the ministry, industry, data processing, life coaching, project management, and even a stint at Headquarters Marine Corps. As a life coach, he had a series of articles published in Worldwide Coaching Magazine. He self-published The Frazzled Entrepreneur’s Guide to Having it All, a self-help book for over-extended entrepreneurs. He enjoys desert hiking, working out, the creative arts, and a has passion for language. He’s up before dawn morning meditation. He lives with Craig Gibson, his husband of twenty-five years, in a restored midcentury modern home in Palm Springs, California.

Les Brown (Right) and Husband, Craig Gibson

Explorations in spirituality, sexuality, humanity, faith, and self-actualization

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