We Are Not Saints: the Series

Series Overview:

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Les Brown

We Are Not Saints is a series of four books, each covering a decade or more in the life of one of four principal characters: Father Jared Röhrbach, Father Paul Fortis, Bishop Sean Foley, seminarian Jeff Hensen, and high school sophomore Randy Carter. These four young gay Catholic men struggle, not so much with their religion or their sexuality, but with living authentically as sexual men of faith. Like all of us, some do a better job of it than others.

The Books

Book 1: The Priest

Jared and Paul, lifelong friends and partners in life and love, are ordained together and begin their priestly ministry. Their first assignments will show them in stark relief the challenges they are about to face in ministry and in their relationship. The responsibilities put on them by their bishop, Bishop Mickleson, and Cardinal Romero set the two partners against one another.

Book 2: The Acolyte

Expert skateboarder Randy Carter lives with his mother, Kyte, and step-father, Kip. But it’s the nurse next door, Lavonda, who really raised the boy and his “sister,” Kiesha is his best friend. His spiritual life revolves around his church where he’s an acolyte and his pastor, Father Sean. When he meets Michael, the love of his life, his world comes apart and he’s left searching for the family he’s never known.

Book 3: The Monk

Jeff Hensen figured that, as a gay man, the seminary was not for him. Instead, he got his law degree and started practicing law in San Luis Obispo, CA near his closest friends, Jared and Paul. His first case after law school puts him face-to-face with a controversy in a parish school involving a sex offender and a possible child abuse situation. It grows to overshadow his life.

Book 4: The Bishop

Sean fears that not only is his position as Bishop threatened, along with the program he’s created for at-risk LGBTQ youth, but his very vocation as a priest is on the line. The ultra-conservative Nigerian Cardinal Nwadike from the Dicastery of Bishops has summoned him to Rome. The prelate seems to be looking for an excuse to remove Sean from office.

Cast of Characters:

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We Are Not Saints: The Priest

Father Jared Röhrbach,
The Priest
Father Paul Fortis,
Jared’s Partner
Bishop Clarence Mickleson,
Jared’s Bishop
Hannah Röhrbach,
Jared’s Aunt
Kurt Röhrbach,
Jared’s Father
Tony Keating,
Jared’s Boyfriend
Eliza Roberts,
Church Secretary
Jeff Hensen,
Jared’s Classmate
Monsignor Terrence Sullivan
Jared’s Pastor
Julio Cardinal Romero,
Prefect, Dicastery of Bishops
Father Peter Duncan,
Cardinal Romero’s Assistant
Harriet Blake,
Jared’s Nemesis

We Are Not Saints: The Acolyte

Randy Carter,
The Acolyte
Kyte Carter,
Randy’s Mother
Kip Carter,
Randy’s Stepfather
Kiesha Davis,
Randy’s “Li’l Sis”
Lavonda Davis,
Kiesha’s Mother
Evan Davis,
Kiesha’s Father
Michael Keller,
Randy’s Boyfriend
Father Sean Foley,
Randy’s Pastor
Father Peter Duncan,
Randy’s Roommate
Eliza Roberts,
Randy’s Grandmother

We Are Not Saints: The Monk

Jeff Hensen/Brother Luke,
The Monk
Roger Spellman,
Jeff’s Uncle
Alan Fielding/Father Benedict, Psychologist
Officer Derek Logan,
Saint Patrick’s School Safety Officer
Chip Brandt,
Saint Patrick’s Student
Anne Marie Brandt,
Chip’s Mother

We Are Not Saints: The Bishop

Bishop Sean Foley,
The Bishop
Julio Cardinal Romano,
Sean’s Mentor
Simon Cardinal Nwadike,
Prefect, Dicastery of Bishops
Jay Morrison,
The Love of Sean’s Life
Bishop Clarence Mickleson,
Sean’s Classmate