The Monk: Readers’ Reviews

Frank G. D.

Intriguing PageTurner

Absolutely brilliant. Les Brown tells a story that is complex, multi-layered, full of strange landscapes as divergent as organized crime and monastic life, yet one so well crafted that the reader becomes engrossed in it, unable to put it down. The Monk manages to measure the full stature of a protagonist who is both technical genius and spiritual disciple, a gay man who never imagines himself as anything but an ordinary human. A profoundly religious book, not because it is about a monk, but because it examines the mysterious heart of the sacred: the eternal struggle of Good and Evil.

Robert K.

Excellent Read

The plot, the characters, and the settings are well coordinated. There are many surprises as ‘the plot thickens.” The main character, Jeff Hansen, has many important decisions as to what to do with his life.
We are taken from his days as a paralegal in his uncle’s firm to his days in a Trappist monastery. What will be his final choice? This question is what keeps one reading until the end.
A very enjoyable story.

Anthony J. F.

An incredible ride!

Wow! So much more than I expected from book 3. I had a hard time putting this one down. This story has everything, and it’s about a monk! Entertaining, suspenseful, heartfelt, and intelligent including a difficult and disturbing subject matter. Well done. I again look forward to the next book in this series!