We Are Not Saints: The Monk (Hard Cover, Signed)

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God writes straight with crooked lines…

Thanks to an abusive childhood, Jeff Hensen is a young man who seeks order in his crazy life. After a failed attempt at becoming a priest, he joins his uncle’s law practice as a paralegal and law student. If he can’t be a priest, at least he can work for the local diocese as an attorney.

But the simple life seems always out of reach. No sooner does he start working for Uncle Roger when he uncovers a child pornography ring and becomes the target of an international crime boss. Even in the Trappist monastery, he finds bigotry, temptation, and betrayal.

Through it all, Jeff perseveres. As he says, “There’s no second-guessing God. When He’s got his hook into you, there’s no wriggling off until He’s landed you.”

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